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Stay Up To Date With SEO Keywords & Content With CoreILLA

More & more businesses realize the importance of SEO marketing as we come into the second decade of the 21st-century. It has become a prerequisite for gaining online traffic to your website.

Updating SEO With CoreILLA

SEO makes your website more visible, which allows for more traffic, and statically generates more opportunities to turn prospects into customers. Within the coreILLA website builder, you can perfect your SEO marketing by continuously updating keywords that best fit your target audience's search preferences within your website's metadata. These keywords could be terms used to search for your specific company's industry/product or local keywords that allow customers within a local radius to find your site quicker.

Unlimited content to build your online empire

Keywords aren't the only important part of SEO marketing. Creating content that can backlink to each other is also a powerful tool for gaining a higher reputation within a search engine database. For example, if you run a vape store, maybe you want to write a few blog posts that compare traditional tobacco products with E-liquid products—back linking viewers towards your original site to turn readers into customers eventually. That is why coreILLA has made it extremely easy to create unlimited blog posts and website landing pages to build your online empire!

Google reviews are another critical factor in SEO marketing. coreILLA helps generate a link that your customers can click on and leave you 5-star reviews on your Google page with a tap of their finger. This will automatically push your page higher up the search options as you build your reputation.

Bring coreILLA On-The-Go with our Management App

Receive all of your inbound calls, social media DMs, and online reviews with our Mobile App. Keep track of your pipeline value, calendar, and autoresponders: text, call, and email on the go to all your lead inquiries. Save time and never miss a message again.

  • Receive & Send SMS, Emails, Calls, DMs, & More!
  • Receive & Respond To Reviews. Track Your Online Reputation With Simple Charts
  • Keep Up to date with appointments or Employee Scheduling & Tasks
  • Create Contacts, add or remove tags, and enter them into workflows or pipelines
  • Custom Business Number

coreILLA has you covered

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