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Leverage Your Data With Coreware

coreILLA was designed to automate your marketing & sales tasks into one system while also tracking and organizing your communication channels to generate valuable data. Though, that is only one extensive section of data you can gather from your business. Imagine if you could have a complete CRM software, merchant processing system, and point of sale running under one roof.

Introducing The Triple Thread Attack

coreILLA provides high-quality CRM tools at affordable prices to businesses of all sizes. However, our company has been around for many years creating effective and quality services. Our triple thread attack includes our merchant processing software, coreCLEAR, our point of sale software, coreSTORE and of course, our powerhouse CRM software, coreILLA.

Why the triple thread attack is cost-effective, practical, and powerful.

There are multiple reasons why it is beneficial to have your payment processing, POS, and CRM systems integrated under one roof. It funnels your communication channels into one system, streamlines the customer checkout process, and allows you to gather deep data from all aspects of your business.

Customers value an efficient checkout experience, and your business will value an efficient turnover rate. Data is the new gold rush. With the triple tread attack, you will have detailed descriptions of customer purchasing habits from your POS system. You will gain valuable insight from your credit card reader about which types of payments are most popular. You will also be able to utilize our CRM system to gather deep data about your audience, organize it effectively, and streamline how your company communicates with your audience.

Saving you money, time, and stress.

We believe in the technology we provide to our clients. However, we understand that there can be technical issues or questions from time to time. Having all three of your business's most vital tools under one roof, you can depend on one company to resolve any issues or questions. Saving you time and stress knowing you won't have to call different companies all day to solve your concerns.

Car companies and phone providers aren't the only ones that offer to bundle products. When you sign up for the triple thread program, consider yourself VIP among coreware and receive quality financial perks!

coreCLEAR is our simple, affordable, and flexible payment processing platform. No matter how you choose to accept payments, we provide the solutions. Have the assurance that you’ve received full disclosure of merchant account costs, with no hidden fees or surprises. Merchants can expect a level of transparency others don’t deliver because we feel anything less than full disclosure falls short of the ethical standards we seek to uphold.

Flexibility Meets Versatility

coreCLEAR supports all card types and brands in any payment environment; whether retail, eCommerce, invoicing, mobile or phone orders accept payments using the latest technology and methods, from EMV chip to mobile wallets.

Secure Payments

Have peace of mind by accepting payments with a secure, reliable platform. Safeguard customers’ payment information and maintain data security standards using our PCI compliant technology in-store, online, and on your smart devices.

coreSTORE is a simple to use and flexible point of sale solution that can easily be configured and enables the management of single and multi-location retail operations. We deliver a uniquely powerful and affordable online solution that exceeds clients' expectations and functions seamlessly on any device, backed by outstanding service and support.

Delivery Management

Create shipping labels directly on your POS, update local inventory from online orders and process deliveries for sales on the fly with just one click!

Create Purchase Orders and Receive Items

Receiving items into inventory is just a scan away. Create and email Purchase Orders directly to your supplier and receive physical items quickly and easily based on those Purchase Orders.

Manage Online and In-store Inventory

Keep meticulous inventory records from the time you receive to when you sell. With coreSTORE, consignment sales and managing rental items are made simple.

There are just so many unique features within our coreSTORE software. Check out our features page here

Bring coreILLA On-The-Go with our Management App

Receive all of your inbound calls, social media DMs, and online reviews with our Mobile App. Keep track of your pipeline value, calendar, and autoresponders: text, call, and email on the go to all your lead inquiries. Save time and never miss a message again.

  • Receive & Send SMS, Emails, Calls, DMs, & More!
  • Receive & Respond To Reviews. Track Your Online Reputation With Simple Charts
  • Keep Up to date with appointments or Employee Scheduling & Tasks
  • Create Contacts, add or remove tags, and enter them into workflows or pipelines
  • Custom Business Number

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