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Collecting & Organizing Profitable Customer Data

Our powerful CRM software keeps your customer contact details in one place while gaining actionable insight into your business’s sales operations, client data & conversations, and marketing campaigns. All are listed on one user-friendly platform.

Have A Ton Client Data and No Way To Process It?

coreILLA gives you the ability to organize precise data. Have access to extensive general info entries, tagging options, unlimited side notes for each contact, add or remove contacts from funnels or campaigns, keep track of all past conversation activity, etc.

Collect more data with ease

Gather valuable client data by using our drag & drop form and survey builder to streamline your funnels & onboarding needs.

coreILLA benefits the entire company. Sales teams will better understand their pipeline and performance, while marketing teams can make accurate forecasts with easy-to-understand logs. Watch as overall communication within your company becomes more straightforward and transparent.

Quickly Build Email Campaigns For Different Target Audiences

Quickly build quality email campaigns for specific target audiences with our email builder. Select one of our industry-specific templates or create from scratch. Easily send email blasts to different sectors of your contact list or automate it with workflows.

Once you have organized and gathered lots of client data, capture their attention with messages that match who they are. Grow your relationship with your audience by providing tailored guidance. Help them learn what’s available to address their needs. As their confidence in you grows, provide individual audience members with well-timed calls to action to take the next step with you. Delight each customer by knowing what they want, when they want it!

Bring coreILLA On-The-Go with our Management App

Receive all of your inbound calls, social media DMs, and online reviews with our Mobile App. Keep track of your pipeline value, calendar, and autoresponders: text, call, and email on the go to all your lead inquiries. Save time and never miss a message again.

  • Receive & Send SMS, Emails, Calls, DMs, & More!
  • Receive & Respond To Reviews. Track Your Online Reputation With Simple Charts
  • Keep Up to date with appointments or Employee Scheduling & Tasks
  • Create Contacts, add or remove tags, and enter them into workflows or pipelines
  • Custom Business Number

coreILLA has you covered

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