Streamline Communications, Boost Connections

From sales pipeline management to workflow automation, reputation management, and email marketing,

coreILLA streamlines the entire process, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Tailored Messages For Your Audience

Personalized Email Content

coreILLA's email builder lets you create messages tailored to your audience's interests. The intuitive Inline Editor makes it easy to customize content with fonts, sizes, colors, and formatting like bold, italic, and links.

Optimize Email Performance

Automate campaigns and track metrics like earnings and open/click rates to optimize your strategy. Coreilla's AI can even generate personalized subject lines, body text, and product recommendations to boost engagement.

Automate Your Customer Journey

Streamline your sales cycle with coreILLA's powerful automation tools. Easily set up workflows to automate abandoned cart reminders, product-based customer journeys, membership access, and more.

Maximize Sales Potential

Leverage auto-pilot follow-up campaigns for upsells, reviews, and other post-purchase touchpoints. Free up time and resources to focus on targeted marketing strategies.

Effortless Automation

Automate marketing tasks like contact tagging, pipeline updates, and text/email outreach - from simple workflows to complex automations.

Simplify Reputation Management

Centralize and streamline your review management with coreILLA. Quickly respond to Facebook and Google reviews, and show appreciation for positive feedback from loyal customers.

Build Trust Through Quality Service

Addressing customer concerns promptly and professionally can prevent small issues from escalating and harming your reputation. coreILLA's tools allow you to provide excellent support and build trust with your audience.

Boost Online Reputation and SEO

Generate more 5-star Google reviews through coreILLA's simple review collection process. Make it easy for customers to leave feedback that improves your online presence and search rankings.

Powerful Contact Management

Centralize and streamline your lead and customer contact management across a diverse array of sales and marketing channels, encompassing coreSTORE and coreFORCE, ensuring seamless integration and efficiency in your operations.

Smart Lists and Smart Tags

Dynamic contact filters, updating in real-time, with advanced conditions for post-scheduling additions, and advanced conditions for contacts added after scheduling an email campaign, enhancing campaign management flexibility.

Sales Pipeline & Opportunities

You can structure pipelines according to an assigned user, operations, tags, or the sales member responsible for the account – all from one dashboard. This type of centralization allows you and your sales team to track and monitor each stage of the sales process, from negotiation to sales status and beyond.

One Platform for Websites and Funnels

Our intuitive drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create beautiful, mobile-responsive websites and high-converting sales funnels - no coding required. Choose from pre-built templates and design elements to streamline the process.

Effortless Website & Funnel Creation

Easily build websites and funnels by connecting your domains, calendars, checkouts, and more. Automate workflows to save time, and analyze funnel performance for optimization.

Boost Your SEO

Optimize your website content and metadata to improve search rankings, drive more traffic, and attract more customers.

Unlimited Content Creation

Build your online presence with unlimited blog posts and landing pages, increasing your backlinks and authority.

Elevate Website Communication with coreILLA

Say goodbye to frustrating chatbots and hello to quality customer communication with coreILLA's live chat integration.

2-Way Website Chat

Install our intuitive chat widget to connect directly with your coreILLA account. Quickly respond to inquiries, and include FAQs to provide instant answers and free up your team.

Efficient Cross-Device Support

Manage customer conversations from anywhere using our mobile app and web dashboard. Respond promptly to clients on the go.

Boost Your Reputation

Impress customers with your company's efficient, high-quality support, enhancing your brand's reputation for outstanding service.

Streamlined Social Media Management

Easily schedule future posts across Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business with coreILLA. Consistently share high-quality content without the hassle of manual posting.

Stay Connected with Your Audience

Manage Instagram and Facebook messages in one place using our user-friendly mobile app, fostering stronger relationships.

coreILLA's social media tools help you stay organized, engaged, and data-driven in your online marketing efforts.

Simplify Appointment Scheduling

Our user-friendly calendar makes booking easy for your customers. Sync with Google, Outlook, and more to keep everything in one place.

Maximize Efficiency & Productivity

Set office hours and team calendars to avoid scheduling conflicts. Automate appointment reminders and confirmations via email and text.

Seamless Calendar Integration

Embed our calendars directly into your website. Customers can access your schedule with a single click.

Accept Payments for Appointments

Integrate our calendar with payment processing to allow customers to securely book and pay for appointments online.

Powerful Integrated A.I. Tools and Features

coreILLA is embracing the latest in AI technology, allowing it to significantly enhance our already robust platform.

Introducing coreY: Your AI Content Powerhouse

coreY is a powerful AI tool inside coreILLA that revolutionizes website content creation. Analyze your industry, target audience, and brand voice to produce customized, high-quality copy for landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts, and more - in just seconds.

Say goodbye to content drought and hello to engaging material that drives traffic and conversations. Try coreY today and transform your content creation process.

Experience the power of coreY and unlock the full potential of the coreILLA platform.

Conversation A.I.

Our AI-powered chatbot delivers highly accurate solutions across SMS, social media, web chat, and more. Effortlessly train your bot using web crawling or custom Q&A, ensuring unparalleled support and engagement.

Supercharged Content Creation

Generate email, blog, website, and product content with ease. coreY can even ideate new content topics to keep your marketing flowing. No more writer's block - just streamlined, continuous content creation.

The All-in-One Platform to Grow Your Business

CoreILLA is embracing the latest in AI technology, allowing it to significantly enhance our already robust platform. coreILLA provides the comprehensive suite of tools and features you need to streamline your marketing, sales, and operations - all in one powerful platform. From personalized website and funnel builders, to automated email campaigns, reputation management, and seamless customer communication, coreILLA empowers you to:

Save time and boost efficiency across your business workflows

Create high-converting digital experiences that engage your audience

Centralize customer data and gain valuable insights to drive growth

Deliver exceptional service that builds trust and loyalty

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